Are Business Relationships Important?

We are Accent Cleaning Professionals and we provide janitorial cleaning services in Milwaukee, but we serve Brookfield and New Berlin.  We have been cleaning for a long time.  That got me thinking why a business can remain in business for over 50 years.  The answer I believe is in the relationship between that business and their customers.


My father started out by providing good service to one customer.  That grew as more customers discovered that he was in the cleaning business.  One salesperson for a chemical company promoted my father to other companies whom he had a relationship with.  Back then, word of mouth was the best form of advertising and I believe it still is today.

We want to earn your confidence in us and hopefully, you will tell others about the services we provide.  We all have had great experiences at a restaurant or visiting a new vacation spot.  If the experience was enjoyable, we tell our friends, neighbors and business associates. We want to deliver that type of experience for you.


If you have cleaning concerns, call us for a complimentary consultation.  We do feel that business relationships are important and would like to begin a long lasting relationship with you.  You can reach us at 414.376.6754 or visit our website at